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Meet Matt Bellina. Matt is a United States Navy Veteran who was diagnosed with ALS seven years ago. Through his journey Matt has been an advocate for changing legislation and increasing awareness surrounding conditions like ALS. Matt has a strong determination and has already shattered limits and expectations. We have teamed up with Matt to utilize the healing benefits of collective intention setting as laid out in the book, The Power of Eight.

In this book , author Lynne McTaggart tells of her discovery of the mirror effect. When groups of eight or more team together to focus intention on the healing of a subject, not only does the intended receive benefits but the senders also report miraculous changes in their own lives. Matt has the mindset that anything is possible and that is why we formed this experiment together. Not only for Matt to experience the restoration of his health, but for others to receive blessings as well.

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The Matt Bellina Experiment is focused on enhancing the lives of many. We welcome all to participate in our Facebook Group. Here we host weekly guided live visualization sessions, follow Matt’s journey, share testimonials, and post content to help you gain the most from this experience.

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We want YOU to experience miracles and we want to share them to inspire hope.

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